skimd pro-glide waxing system



Escape the long-term damaging effects that iron hot waxing is known to have on the base material and construction of your skis!

The Pro-Glide utilizes the physical principle of “line contact pressure” that allows you to apply 600+psi by hand to the ski base. Combined with the friction generated by rubbing back and forth, serves to drive the wax of your choice deep into the surface pores of the base material.

Surface pores are where the wax is held for release as the ski base slides over the snow. The fact is that any wax that has been absorbed into the base from the hot waxing process will never resurface to make itself available for optimal glide and base protection. In other words, it is wasted time and wax.

The hot waxing process is difficult, time consuming, and expensive when done correctly. If you are tired of the mess and your expensive wax scraped off and put in the trash, it’s time to try something new!

Look at it this way:

It takes at least 20g of wax to properly hot wax one pair of skis. An 60g bar of quality low flouro wax costs around $30-$35. That’s enough to hot wax your skis properly only three times! The truth is, if you want your skis to perform optimally and consistently, they need to be waxed every time before you ski or ride. For the average enthusiast, or racers with multiple pair, hot waxing can become overwhelming to your time and your wallet.

That same 60g bar of wax when applied by rubbing it on the base then utilizing the Pro-Glide can now last up to three seasons! You can apply multiple coats in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. Racers utilizing expensive HF waxes now have the ability keep their wax quivers around for a very long time.

The Pro-Glide comes assembled and ready to use. It also includes an extra waxing cloth, and one brake retainer. It comes in a convenient storage tube that allows it to stay clean, and travel with you anywhere. Racers may enjoy multiple Pro-Glides for different wax types and overlays that can easily be marked on the storage tube.

The Pro-Glide has withstood the test of time, as it was formerly known as the WaxWhizard and co-developed by SkiMD for over a decade now. Over twelve years of testing in all snow types on all types of base material, has proven that the Pro-Glide creates at least the same, if not better glide results than conventional hot waxing in a fraction of the time. In fact, a major wax manufacturer track tested the Pro-Glide against hot waxing. The immediate results showed the Pro-Glide prepared ski was the fastest. The reality is that the Pro-Glide method simply works, period.

If you want results, you want Pro-Glide!

Here’s how you do it:

Using the wax of your choice, rub the bar, not too light and not too heavy, applying an even coating of wax from tip to tail. Take the Pro-Glide in your dominant hand then place your other hand on top. Rub the Pro-Glide back and forth with maximum force along the base for 1-2 minutes. SkiMD highly recommends applying a minimum of 3 coats of wax every day before skiing. Recreational skiers do not need to brush, just hit the slopes!

Racers follow this same process for training. Do not brush out the bases until race day!! This will ensure maximum protection to the structure and base material over the length of the season!

For race days, when finished applying your race wax, use a stiff nylon brush back and forth aggressively to clear wax from the structure, but not out of the base material. Finish with a soft nylon or horsehair brush, then buff with a soft hand towel. Apply overlays after the waxing sequence with the spare cloth. Brush out with a soft finish brush, then buff. If bases become dirty SkiMD recommends utilizing liquid wax instead of wax remover. Solvent based universal waxes when not allowed to dry being wiped immediately, make a great cleaner without stripping the base.


Assembled Pro-Glide

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