cutting edge tuning technology

Kristina Koznick, former USST SL-GS A Team Member

"I was spoiled to have Mike's World Cup preparation on my skis for years...There is nothing like it! The fact that Mike is bringing his knowledge and expertise from the World Cup available to the average skier creates an incredible opportunity! Once people try it, they will never look at their skis, or skiing, the same!"

 SkiMD’s goal is to remove the tuning variable from your product to create the best possible experience and ensure proper access to the balance, confidence, stability and edge hold you deserve from your ski/ski racing investment! Guaranteed!

It's all in the preparation

Performance for Shaped Skis


 Shaped ski technology is about “game improvement." A properly prepared ski should provide you with a boundless level of performance while asking nothing of you at the same time. Today’s product is designed more to be “ridden” than “pushed around.” Wider product has necessitated this shift in technique. Physically, wider product creates less edge response. Unfortunately, there remain inconsistencies in the edge finish, which can lead to having misgivings about why the new product is so much better than the old. If you play golf or tennis, improved drives and ground strokes are guaranteed with oversized clubs and rackets. The same goes for the latest ski technology, and the correct preparation is essential to guarantee success. 

Wintersteiger Precision & Excellence


SkiMD trusts only Wintersteiger machinery, utilizing the very latest manual technology the Omega RS 350 RACE! Mike utilizes computer controlled manual machinery, as it allows for a greater level of crafting and precise material removal. While the automated technology has many good points, its designed primarily for volume tuning, without as much emphasis on individual ski focus and what that ski needs to become "fixed." It is a fact that technicians in international race rooms are using these manual machines to create optimal structures utilizing softer race stones which always produce a faster structure than hard stones. Harder stones are typically what automats run in order to deal with the quantity and extreme pressure and speeds used to grind all skis. SkiMD utilizes the soft race stone compounds that are the key ingredient to a winning structure! SkiMD also employs the use of single disc ceramic edge finishing. The benefit to this philosophy is the is that by having only one disc to calibrate and control, right to left base and side edge angles are more likely to be identical. This is the heart of the SkiMD refinishing system. 

SkiMD World Cup & Olympic Expertise


 SkiMD caters specifically to ski and ski racers, the proof is in the pudding. There simply is not another tuning service with the depth of knowledge and real-world success of SkiMD, period. If you are serious about getting results by eliminating variables, then look no further. SkiMD verifies all race finishes for the most discriminating customer and provides base grinds and edge finishes that actually HAVE won World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic Medals! There are other race service shops out there, but NO shop can legitimately make that claim.