tuning process

1. Clean & Efficient Shop


Any great refinish begins with a clean, bright and well laid out shop. Ask if you can see your favorite retailer's service shop.

2. Remove All Appendages


All appendages including bindings and removable ski tips are removed. This allows for optimal transmission of contact pressure over the entire length of the ski or snowboard and ensures consistent and accurate material removal. Use of binding ramps always prevent this, and were developed to make it easier to do the job incorrectly while saving time.​

3. Proper Disc Finishing


Side edge material is ground to remove damage and pre-shaped to exceed the chosen angle, allowing for proper disc finishing to the true angle.

4. Grinding Stone Quality Control


The ski is then brought to the grinding stone. Depending on the profile, thickness and construction of the skis, a variety of proprietary inputs must be employed to properly remove material and establish a proper base finish with a zero-degree base edge angle. SkiMD dresses its stone every 4 pair of skis, and each ski is quality controlled before moving to the next grinding sequence.

5. The Finest Calibrated Disc Finisher


Once the grinding sequence is complete and verified, the ski may now move to the ceramic disc finisher. SkiMD’s disc machine operates a proprietary sequence and is likely the finest calibrated disc finisher in the country. Hand filing simply cannot compete for accuracy and the mirror like finish a properly run and calibrated disc machine can deliver. Edge angles are verified before moving to the final wax stage.

6. Edges Deburred By Hand


All base edges are deburred by hand to eliminate any “hanging burr” created by side edge sharpening. This is critical to allow for optimal swing and balanced turn initiation from your product.

7. Wintersteiger Waxjet = Super Smooth Base & Edge Finish


 The Wintersteiger WaxJet is a very simple yet special machine. It applies a super heated micro-film of wax on the base. It’s a two stage system that applies wax and brushes it through the structure. It’s the final touch in the creation of a super smooth base and edge finish. All SkiMD product is waxed exclusively using Swix or Dominator waxes. 

8. Proper Re-Installation of All Tips & Bindings


All tips and bindings are properly re-installed at the identical DIN and forward pressure settings they came with.